Follow The Best Tips To Reduce Your Home Load Burden

Purchasing your dream home can be quite hectic and full of burden. Follow the best tips with the help of which you can reduce your home loan burden.  Hence, avail of a home loan is the best way, but there are certain things that can impart a huge burden financially. That’s why the majority of the people prefer some tips and tricks to ease the burden on the home loan.

Here are a few tips to reduce your home loan burden:

1. With the increase in income, increase repayments in a home loan. It can easily be done by bumping up the EMI with your increasing income.

2. You can opt for Home Loan Balance Transfer. Going with a long tenure you end up paying more on the interest. Many suggest that home loan balance transfer has the potential to decrease your total cost of borrowing.

3. Go for a greater initial payment as a higher initial instalment reduces the borrowing amount.

4. First, repay the principal amount as it results in a lower cost of borrowing.

5. Whenever you get a bonus on the job, use the money to pay down your home loan as it will eventually reduce the home loan burden.

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The Best Tips to make Down Payment for your Home Loan

When it comes to buying a home, there are several factors that play a crucial role and impart a deep impact on your life. Down payment is probably the best option.
Out of the several factors, how you are going to finance the purchase of your dream home is the most important. Most of us don’t have much savings in our 30’s and 40’s, and that is the reason why it is very difficult to purchase a dream home.

Home loans are way convenient that can help you purchase your dream home. But, still, then you need to pay some from your pocket even after availing the loan.

Check out the best tips that can help you make down payment for your home a lot easier:

How to arrange money for a down payment?

1. Make sure to use money from your savings.
2. Borrow against your insurance policies including PPF and term insurance.
3. You can use money from your investments such as FDs.
4. You can also take a personal loan in small amounts.

Things to take care of when applying for a higher down payment:

1. Low liquidity rate.
2. Fewer returns.
3. There may be a possible shortfall in funds for initial expenses such as home interiors.

Note: Please note, banks ask for a particular portion from the total cost of your house as the down payment, ranging from minimum to maximum it varies from 10 to 30% of the property cost.

Apply For Home Loan in Delhi NCR

best home loan tips

Buying a home has never been an easy task and it needs a lot of motivation and save money. Home loan tips can be quite beneficial. As per your financial capability, you will need to make a big financial commitment, make a plan accordingly. Buying a dream home in the current scenario is quite a tough task to do. This is the reason why almost 90% of people in India go for home loans to fulfil their dreams. The process is quite lengthy indeed but some reputed companies in Delhi NCR like NCR Loan Services can make your work bit faster.

NCR Loan Services can be your suitable lender and applying for a home loan. As per the eligibility criteria, based on the applicant’s age, income, job stability and loan repayment capacity, the further process takes place.

Take a look few tips to Get Qualified for a Home Loan at the First Attempt:

  • Make a budget for the Total Homeownership Cost – It includes registration fee, stamp duty charges, paying charges to the municipality, and GST as well.
  • Make sure to Enquire about your Credit Score – It is provided by the credit bureaus to each individual which is based on your credit history. A credit score above 700 is considered good.
  • Even a single missing update from your lender can negatively impact your CIBIL, so, make your CIBIL report free of error.
  • Make sure to get the loan is getting pre-approved for your home loan.
  • Make sure to get a score above 50% on Fixed-Obligation-to-Income which is a ratio of net monthly income and the total payment of all the loans.

Purchasing a home not only indicates your financial stability but also it is attached to emotional values such as a sense of security, feeling of pride, stability, etc.

Planning to buy your first home? If yes, you might be having 100s of questions in your mind. Buying a home in a city like Bangalore is a dream for every middle-class person. However, turning this dream into reality needs a lot of money. And to make that money we spend decked working and planning our finances.

In such a situation when you are about to achieve your goal and ready to buy your first home, you can’t afford to make even a single mistake. Being a first time home buyer, you have to be extra careful. Things like property type, area, builder, cost per square feet and all matters a lot. All these things contribute to your budget and hence requires your time to research and think before you choose your dream home.

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